original title: Ruckus
rating: 5.70(328)
The U.S.
Thriller, drama
Director: Max K”even. cast: Dirk Benedict, Linda Blair, Richard Farnsworth, Matt Clark, John van ness, …
running time: , 93 min.
release date: 1980


Kyle Hanson is a veteran of Vietnam. This war left in his psyche nezajivayuschuyu the wound. When Kyle, tired and dirty, stops in a small town for some time to eat, local bullies can not resist, not to humiliate him and begin to prosecution. Kyle have to use all of what he learned in the detachment of special purpose, to escape from the bullies. He becomes the object of everyone’s hunting. Only Jenny, a local girl, whose husband was declared missing in Vietnam, is ready to give Kyle a chance.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 100% (1) noser – 27.12.2007 For the year to ‘Rambo’. The film tells about the veteran of the Vietnam war Kyle Hansone. He wanders and roams around the country from city to city. Once Kyle in a small town sheltered young girl Jenny from which coincidentally on the same war killed her husband… read more\’
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